WELTSPIELE Weidendamm 8 30167 Hannover

The Pride Practice Kiki Ball

Sat 4
Dj Ceekay, Juicy Couture, Mc Luca 007
Saal III

The first ever ball in Hannover is on its way! Celebrating PRIDE in Hannover and introducing Ballroom culture with the help of our friend Lorenzo Pignataro from Start2Dance e.V. who has carefully picked an internationally renowned team – Dj Ceekay, Juicy Couture, Mc Luca 007 and as (Judges) Ria Mermaid, Zaniah Versace, German Mother Dream Lauboutin – to host this important debut in Hannover. „The Pride Practice Kiki Ball“ is an open format event calling all houses and individuals to get involved and engage in the open fashion and performance categories of the night. Since the theme of the weekend is PRIDE – participats must have an rainbow inspired look and serve the runway.

Categories of the night: Virgin Runway OTA; Beginners Runway OTA; Posing; Fashion Killer; Face OTA; Body OTA; Sex Siren OTA; Virgin Performance vs. Beginners Performance; Oldway OTA; New Way OTA; Vogue Femme OTA; Realness OTA; Lip Sync; Shake that ass

Early signups are welcome via start2dance@gmx.de. Also, if you have any questions regarding certain categories don’t hesitate to contact Start2Dance.