WELTSPIELE Weidendamm 8 30167 Hannover

The Hot Summer Kiki Ball

Fri 12
DJ Founding Father Daniel Bandita, MC Luca Alvez / Luca 007
Saal III
ab 15€

After the huge success of Hannover’s first ever ball for CSD, we are super excited to announce the followup for you lovely people.

Once again Weltspiele team up with Lorenzo 007 from Start2Dance to host “The Hot Summer Kiki Ball” + Aftershow Party on Friday, 12. August 2022 – an open format event calling all houses and individuals to get involved and engage in the open fashion and performance categories of the night.

DJ Founding Father Daniel Bandita

MC Luca Alvez / Luca 007


LaQuèfa 007

Shayne Angels

Ray 007

Since the theme of the event is Hot Summer participants must have a suitable inspired look and serve the runway.

Early signups are welcome via start2dance@gmx.de.

Also, if you have any questions regarding certain categories don’t hesitate to contact start2dance.