WELTSPIELE Weidendamm 8 30167 Hannover


Fri 2
Kim Valmount, Køjan, Ninette, X7Ø-7
Saal III

LÄRM is Braunschweigs flagship event for high energy techno, acid & industrial, melancholic melodies, raw beats and rave. all punk and fire, uncompromisingly fresh. A place where everybody is free to dress as free or as extravagant as they want to. If you’re not cool with that or easily offended, you might choose another party. Charged guilty for burning down Weltspiele twice already, we’re counting the days till they come and return to Weltspiele.

+++ please respect our awareness concept +++ +++ strict no photo policy +++ This is a diverse and inclusive space with a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment of any kind. Respect people’s space & boundaries. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable let a member of staff know – and they will contact our awareness team.